Developing niche prescription products in Paediatrics and End of Life therapeutic areas


Research & Development

Our strategy is to develop niche products in areas of unmet clinical need where a licensed product does not exist and there is patient benefit to create and provide a bespoke formulation manufactured to the highest ethical standards.

Some reformulation of products is currently practised in UK hospital pharmacies but we believe a robust development, manufacturing and registration process would add real value to the patient and the clinical team.

Therapeutic Focus

Our therapeutic focus is in Child Health and End of Life care where clinical challenge is high and many preferred products do not have full marketing authorisation.

Our ability to convert familiar formulations into formulations that reflect clinical need and patient requirements will remain our continued focus and we expect to result in higher compliance rates and improved clinical outcomes.


Product introductions in the United Kindgom will be supported by a full marketing authorisation program in line with MHRA and Department of Health guidelines. HFA will commercialise these opportunities through its Especiale-Healthcare business unit.


Development Pipeline

Triclosfos Elixir 500mg/5ml (300ml)

Treatment of short term insomnia in children adjunct to behavioural therapy and sleep hygiene management, initiated by neurologists and sleep centres.

Tolterodine Oral Suspension 2mg/5ml (100ml)

Treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children initiated by paediatric urologists

Venlafaxine Oral Suspension 37.5mg/5ml (100ml)

Treatment of major depressive episodes initiated by psychiatrists


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