Provision of NHS Prescribing data at a GP Practice level


Testimonials from users of HFA RX Data

"I've personally found the HFA RX data really useful in building up a picture of usage of our brand vs the competition in GP practices in Essex. I’d like to see us continue to have access."
Regional Account Manager

"The main advantage of having HFA RX data is the ability to be able to find out the exact usage for a particular therapy in an area when planning calls.
Prior to an appointment with a Gastro Specialist Pharmacist, I checked the (product name) usage in the area to show her that the guidelines specified were not being followed by primary care. This resulted in her setting up a meeting with the Gastro Consultants to review the IBD Guidelines and send them out to primary care to ensure they were being followed".
Healthcare Solutions Specialist

"HFA RX Data has been really useful in helping to narrow down areas of focus, particularly where we have felt there is a potential issue within a CCG.
For example - I undertook a review of product usage across Wirral CCG, to ascertain if there was any switching away from our brand taking place within the community. It highlighted a couple of potential practices – Without the HFA RX Data we’d have been focusing on over 60 practices."
Healthcare Solutions Manager

"Thank you for supporting me in taking my data analysis to the next level by training me on how to use the HFA RX data. As a result of carrying out this data analysis exercise, I now feel able to target my accounts with much clearer objectives. I feel a lot more comfortable speaking with my customers after being able to analyse what they are actually doing before I meet with them."
Regional Account Manager

"The HFA data has proved invaluable to our region and helped me pinpoint then track:
• GP practices with potential based on size/ coverage/ population characteristics.
• High usage for our brand or competitors.
• Switch patterns.
• Specific surgeries to Attack, Defend, Grow or Protect.
• Dispensing surgeries to group and target with our DD portfolio.
• Tailor my pre-call objectives and campaign messages."
Regional Account Manager

"I have used it regularly, almost every other day… It's great because it drills in a bit more than open prescriber. I’ve used it for all my meetings and also for business planning with my team"
Key Account Manger

"Super like it. Used it before each meeting and this sheds light on a lot of useful information."
Medical Representative

"I have found it extremely useful. It has allowed me to better prepare my call and tailor it to each doctor. It streamlines the sales process and makes it more efficient."
Medical Representative

"Very user friendly in the sense that it replaces our previous tool, but even more swift as practical to use before you walk into a surgery, hence lay out objectives accordingly."
Medical Representative

"One quick glance at the HFA tool and it is evident that the practice would not provide ROI."
Medical Representative